10 Questions for Eoghan Neff

Extreme fiddler Eoghan Neff indulged in us by answering 5 silly questions and 5 sensible questions to help us get to know him a little better. You can make up your own mind about which is more informative.

Our campaign to fund Eoghan's D.C. visit recently ended. You can attend Eoghan's D.C. concert on December 13th 2014 at Bethesda's Writer's Center.

5 Silly questions for Eoghan Neff

1. What is your favorite color? Black, or any combination with black.
2. What was your first pet’s name? To answer that would be to breach my email security question.
3. Rashers or sausages? I always leave the crispiest end of a sausage for last.
4. What is your shoe size? An even 10, I believe (the size has worn off both inside and outside the sole I’m afraid).
5. Black pudding or white? Refer to question 1, I’m occupied right now re-tying my shoelaces.

5 Sensible questions for Eoghan Neff

1. Who is your musical icon? Tommy Peoples.
2. What inspires you? Art.
3. Who would you love to play with? Cecil Taylor.
4. What’s your favorite album? I have a significant CD collection, and favour the album I’m truly listening to at any particular moment. Last truthful listen was “Uninvisible" by Medeski, Martin & Wood.
5. Which is your favorite track from Week One? Week One was created as a whole. I hope all my future solo releases will be projects rather than compilations.

In case you missed it here's Eoghan's #FillTheFiddle video.