The Strypes

Irish band The Strypes will visit D.C. on August 19th to play at the 9:30 Club. Sean T. Kane, who works in the music industry in New York, fills us in on the band.

Conversation around breakout Irish band The Strypes usually starts with an eyebrow-raising comment about the group members’ age. A quartet of hard driving rockers who cite names like Howlin’ Wolf and Dr. Feelgood as some of their biggest influences is one thing- but when that group’s elder statesman was born in 1995, people start to pay attention.


The same conversation usually pivots around the time someone pulls up a clip of the band’s smashing performance on The David Letterman Show this past March. In less than three minutes, it becomes quite clear what separates The Strypes from the boy bands that traditionally cater to the young ladies in their demographic: these guys can really rock.

The band formed in the small town of Cavan, Ireland in 2011, and after building some buzz playing gigs on the regional pub scene, The Strypes released their independent EP Young, Gifted, and Blue in April 2012. The project reached No. 1 on the iTunes Blues Chart, leading the band to attract interest from Elton John’s Rocket Music Management company, along with various record labels. Later that same year the band signed with Mercury Records and began polishing new material for their debut album, Snapshot.

Powered by singles such as “Blue Collar Jane” and “Hometown Girls”, the US release of Snapshot in January 2014 has raised The Strypes’ profile on this side of the Atlantic and the group has been touring steadily since.  They seem to have found their comfort zone at a unique crossroads between the vintage roots of their idols and the contemporary flair of their teenage counterparts.

If you’re interested in catching a live glimpse of Irish rock’s new wave (or are in need of scoring some cool points with your teenage daughter and son), the band will be performing at Washington DC’s 9:30 Club on Tuesday, August 19th.  $15.00, plus service charges, tickets are available now. Or you could download The Strypes’ debut album Snapshot.