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Dinosaurs on Other Planets by Danielle McLaughlin

May 8


2017 books

  • January 9: Paul McVeigh, The Good Son
  • February 13Lia Mills, Fallen
  • March 13: Glenn Patterson, Gull
  • April 10: Mike McCormack, Solar Bones
  • May 8: Danielle McLaughlin, Dinosaurs on Other Planets
  • June 12: The Stinging Fly, New Writers-New Writing (2017 Book Day)
  • July 10: Sara Baume, Spill Simmer Falter Wither
  • August 14: Lucy Caldwell, Multitudes
  • September 11: Nuala Ni Chonchuir, The Closet of Savage Mementos
  • October 9: Claire-Louise Bennet, Pond
  • November 13, Conor O'Callaghan, Nothing on Earth

2016 books 

The Irish Times describes the  Stinging Fly  as"A visceral collection of pieces by modern Irish writers depicts another side of 1916".    Read the full review  here .

The Irish Times describes the Stinging Fly as"A visceral collection of pieces by modern Irish writers depicts another side of 1916".   Read the full review here.

  • January 11: Kevin Curran, Beatsploitation (Excerpt in Here's the Story)
  • February 8: Gavin McCrea, Mrs. Engels
  • March 14: No meeting
  • April 11: Anne Enright: The Green Road
  • May 9: Kevin Barry, Beatlebone
  • June 13: In the Wake of the Rising, Solas Nua/Stinging Fly
  • July 11: Caitrioina Lally, Eggshells (An excerpt is in Here's the Story download below)
  • August 8: Belinda McKeon, Tender (rescheduled from March)
  • September 12: Paul Lynch, Red Sky in Morning
  • October 10:  Jan Carson, Children's Children
  • November 14: Lisa McInerney, The Glorious Heresies
  • December 12: Evelyn Conlon, Not the Same Sky

2015 books 

2015 Book Day. Click here for a 99 cents download.

  • January 12: Sebastian Barry, The Temporary Gentleman
  • February 9: Jan Carson, Malcolm Orange Disappears
  • March 9: Darragh McKeon, All That is Solid Melts Into Air
  • April 13: Eimear McBride, A Girl is a Half Formed Thing
  • May 11: Solas Nua's Irish Book Day publication, Here's the Story (download)
  • June 8: Mary Costello, The China Factory (Short Stories)
  • July 13: Michael Farrell, Life Here Below: Stories
  • August 10: Colin Barrett, Young Skins (Short Stories)
  • September 14: Adrian McKinty & Stuart Neville (Editors), Belfast Noir (Short Stories)
  • October 12: Roddy Doyle: The Guts
  • November 9: Kevin Curran, Beatsploitation (Excerpt in Here's the Story) - Rescheduled for January, 2016
  • December 14: Gavin McCrea, Mrs. Engels - Rescheduled

2014 books

  • February 10: Stuart Neville, Ratlines
  • March 10: With My Lazy Eye by Julia Kelly
  • April 14: Solas Nua's Irish Book Day publication What's the Story?
  • May 12: Kathleen MacMahon, This is How It Ends
  • June 9: Michele Forbes, Ghost Moth
  • July 14: Gavin Corbett, This is the Way   
  • August 11: Claire KilroyThe Devil I Know
  • September 8: Aidan McKinty, Cold Cold Ground
  • October 13: David Park, The Truth Commissioner
  • November 10: Benjamin Black, Holy Orders
  • December 8: Donal Ryan, The Thing About December

Of special interest:

The Attic Sessions: a new and interesting podcast series focusing on contemporary Irish writers and poets.
Listen to a conversation with Lia Mills whose work appears in The Stinging Fly Spring Issue 2016,  here.