Capital Irish Film Festival Individual Tickets are on sale now! Get a full-festival pass (so worth it!) or individual film tickets to the March 3 - 6, 2016 Festival. Enjoy the very best of contemporary Irish film in the festival opener (Thursday, March 3), double features Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (March 4, 5, & 6), and Saturday and Sunday afternoon shorts. Last year's festival was sold out, we had to turn people away at the venues.   

Play Readings

Feb 15th - Chancers by Robert Massey (playwright of Rank)
April 18 - The Rising of the Moon by Lady Gregory
June 20 - The Cambria by Donal O'Kelly (playwright of Little Thing, Big Thing)
August 15 - Bogboy by Deirdre Kinahan (playwright of Wild Sky)

The play reading series will be located in a private room at: 

Kelly's Irish Times, 14 F St NW, next to Union Station. Join us at 7:00 PM on these dates for free play readings!

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Solas Nua's 2016 arts program - Solas Rising - is part of the Global and Diaspora strand of Ireland2016 Centenary Program. Within our mission of presenting the best of contemporary Irish arts, our programming marks the 1916 Easter Rising as a seminal moment in Irish history. The unique perspectives and insights of contemporary artists help us reflect on, explore and deepen our understanding and appreciation of Ireland's unfolding story since 1916. Here is our evolving program for the centennial year: 

Contemporary Irish Theater - Play Reading

February 15

Chancers by Robert Massey

March 3 - 6

Contemporary Irish Film -

2016 Capital Irish Film Festival

March 17

Irish Literature Day on St. Patrick's Day 


at Kelly's Irish Times, 14 F St NW, next to Union Station. Join us at 7:00 PM on these dates for free play readings!

In keeping with Solas Nua's mission and vision to bring thought-provoking and ground-breaking new Irish work to American audiences, I'm thrilled to be presenting Robert Massey's Chancers as a part of our reading series, on February 15.  His play Rank was a part of the reading series last November.  Also the managing director of a small company in Dublin, Massey has a unique perspective on Irelands's financial picture.  Following the economic crisis of 2008, Massey witnessed people losing their jobs, their homes, and businesses shutting their doors.  Though the United States as seen a more rapid economic recovery than Ireland, the themes of family, salvation, sacrifice, and luck will hit close to home with American audiences.   Massey says Chancers uses "a small scale to reflect big themes," and takes a comedic, yet dark look at what chances we would take to protect our businesses, homes, families, and futures.  What will we sacrifice, what chances do we take, and where do we go from here?"

  -Amanda Forstrom, Director of Play Reading Series