The Capital Irish Film Festival (CIFF) is dedicated to the showcasing of contemporary Irish arts. CIFF is the largest Irish film festival in the United States and shows more Irish language films than any American film festival. Since 2005, CIFF has sought to introduce new Irish filmmakers to American audiences with feature films, documentaries, shorts and animation.

CIFF 2015

The Capital Irish Film Festival (CIFF), a Washington D.C. production of Solas Nua, will run again in January 2015, from Thursday Jan. 22 through Sunday, Jan. 25. It will showcase new Irish features, documentaries, shorts and animation, Irish language films, with a special emphasis on emerging talent in the Irish film industry. Now in its ninth year, CIFF has become the largest Irish film festival in the U.S.

Submit a Film

Deadline for submissions is June 30, 2014.

There is no fee to submit a film to CIFF. 

Submissions can be made ONLINE or BY MAIL.

Mail in your submission

To make a submission by mail complete this application form.

  • Mail to: Pat Reilly, Solas Nua c/o Flashpoint, 916 G Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA
  • Label the outside of your package – ATTN: CIFF

Format: NTSC* DVD Film Screener. Please note this is ESSENTIAL for selection screening purposes; PAL format is NOT acceptable)

Labeling: DVD should be labeled with the name of the film, the director’s name, the length of the film and contact details (email, phone, website)

Materials will not be returned.

Make your CIFF submission online

Share an online copy of your film with us via a video streaming site. 

English subtitles *
No matter what language the film is in we need to know if subtitles are available.
Choose "Unrated" if your film has not been rated by the Irish Film Classification Office
Select "Other" if your film does not fit into one of the listed categories.
Comedy, detective, drama...
Give us something that will catch our attention, and that we can use to catch audience attention.
For online submissions please use a standard video website such as YouTube or Vimeo. Do not send us the movie file to download, we do not the resources to download and store film submissions.
If your film is a private video on Vimeo or similar we'll need the guest password to view it. If your film is public don't worry about passwords.
Tell us the details.
If so please tell us where and when.
Choose a team member who can promptly respond to communications from CIFF.
For use by our marketing team.
For use by our marketing team
Please type your name and relationship to the film.
I acknowledge that NTSC* DVD Film Screeners are required and if accepted I can provide one promptly. PAL formats will not be accepted. I understand that Solas Nua may not be able to return screeners. *

Have a question? 

Use the contact form below or email film [at]

Name *

Special Category: Music and Multimedia

For the first time Solas Nua will include a special section for original music and multimedia works in CIFF.

We invite Irish composers and media artists to submit pieces which COMBINE original music and multi-media (aka visual music) to be shown in Washington D.C. in Autumn 2014. Selected works will be eligible for a $1500 prize, which will be based on audience votes.

This category has a separate submission method from our Film category. Submissions can be made online. Visit the submissions page for full details. Contact Sarah O'Halloran at solasnuamusic[at] with questions.

CIFF 2013

Here's an interview with CIFF 2013's very special guest, film maker Lelia Doolan.