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Irish traditional music is a vibrant art form that is constantly evolving, and it  stands up well to new ideas and international influences. That’s why Solas Nua is proud to shed some light on innovative Irish fiddle playing by bringing Eoghan Neff to D.C. this winter. He'll perform in concert and teach adventurous musicians during his December 2014 visit.

Eoghan Neff grew up surrounded by Irish traditional music, and he's traveled the world sharing it. Eoghan is an Irish music ambassador, a tireless promoter of folk music, a scholar, a virtuoso, and an iconoclast.

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Thanks to the inimitable Eoghan Neff for making this musical project video!


Our mission is to bring the best of Irish contemporary arts to the U.S. and we're very confident that Eoghan Neff fits the bill. He is one of the most exciting Irish musicians of his generation! You’ll fall in love with the personality, innovation, and fun to be found in his playing. His D.C. appearance will feature music from his album Week One. In this energetic, surprising solo work Eoghan builds elaborate sonic textures using live looping and sound processing. These sounds form a symphonic backdrop for amazingly virtuosic melodies. Eoghan’s unique playing brings his expertise in Irish traditional music together with techniques that nod to jazz, free improvisation, avant-rock and much more. With his extreme fiddle playing you’ll be on the edge of your seat!

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Eoghan Neff grew up in a little Cork village, called Rathpeacon. He says “traditional music was all around me... I began with two sticks, imitating the fiddle. Soon after, my parents replaced those sticks with a real instrument.” He grew up immersed in traditional music playing with his family, studying with local teachers, and attending summer schools. But he’s always been a bit of an iconoclast, he’s never cared about things like regional styles: “I always thought the goal was to achieve a personal style.” These days Eoghan calls himself "an Irish fiddle experimenter", but he's much more than that, he's a scholar with a PhD in music who spends as much time researching his art as he does performing it.

Eoghan has toured and recorded with his brother uilleann piper Flaithrí Neff under the name NeffBros. He also toured internationally with Riverdance. More recently Eoghan has appeared with groups including The London Metropolitan Orchestra, Assembly Point, Amalgamare, and Torc. Collaboration with musicians of different styles and cultures is a hallmark of Eoghan’s career. Eoghan has toured extensively with the Anxo Lorenzo Band, founded by a Spanish gaita (bag pipes) player. He also has a project that fuses Irish and Icelandic folk music with electronica. It includes his brother Flaithri Neff (Uilleann pipes/whistles); Atli Örvarsson (keyboards) and Þórhildur Örvarsdóttir (vocal) from Iceland, as well as Canadian percussionist Satnam Ramgotra.