The Capital Irish Film festival welcomes visiting filmmakers

This year’s Capital Irish Film Festival (CIFF) is the tenth presented by Solas Nua. Nothing testifies to the cumulative power of consistent high-quality programming like the increasing number of filmmakers who join us at the screening of their films. In 2016, through the generous support of Culture Ireland, we will have five filmmakers on hand for the screening of their films and Q and A’s after. For the first time we will be hosting a director from Northern Ireland.

Kicking off the festival is “Older Than Ireland” directed by Alex Fegan and produced by Garry Walsh. Both will be at the post-screening talk Thursday, March 3, at the E Street Cinema. Also the director of the popular “The Irish Pub,” Fegan is fast becoming Ireland’s premier chronicler of its social history.

Producer Rachel Lysaght will also be joining CIFF for two of her films. ‘Traders”, which shows at 8 p.m. March 4 at the U.S. Navy Heritage Center, is a dark comedy about what happens when cut-throat capitalists get really desperate. “One Million Dubliners”, a documentary on the Glasnevin Cemetery, was voted Best Irish Film 2014 by Irish Times readers. It will show at 4 p.m. Sunday, March 6, at the Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market. Lysaght will take questions after each film.

Paddy Hayes, director of the darkly hilarious docudrama “Name Your Poison”, will take questions after its screening on Friday March 4. A film and TV documentarian, Hayes has recreated an incredible tale out of the U.S. depression era.

Director Eileen Walsh of Derry, Northern Ireland, will be at CIFF for the World Premiere of her short documentary “Together in Pieces”, which will show as part of the Double Feature Saturday, March 5, at “Live at 10th and G” Northwest. She will also be at reception hosted by the Northern Ireland Bureau.

Finally, Donncha Gilmore, director of the short musical “Bonsoir Luna”, will be at its screening with the Saturday Shorts on March 5 at 1 p.m. This film continues CIFF’s tradition of offering films in the Irish language.

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