Thoughts from Paddy Meskell

It is so heartwarming to see the reaction of the audiences to Irish films presented at CIFF.

And the talkbacks!

Hen Norton and Dan Dennison of Born and Reared and Kealan Ryan of Lift have honored our audiences with thoughtful, insightful, provocative, honest and humorous answers to some great questions. We have very knowledgeable audiences and their interest in and commitment to Irish artists and Irish filmmakers is very impressive. And inspiring.

As I watch the films and listen to the film-makers, I am struck by how serious they are about their craft, how resourceful they are within a limited resources environment and how talented they are.

The delight that these artists and their colleagues have in creating lovely films is obvious. The energy and the vibrancy that they exhibit when discussing their work is contagious. They seem to come alive and at times they make you feel that you are there on the set or in the cutting room with them -part of the creative team and process.