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CIFF alumni ‘Lift’ gets a boost from VOD

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By Kealan Ryan (writer/actor)

The best Irish film you may have enjoyed at the Capital Irish Film Festival is now on all good Video On Demand (VOD) platforms. If I say so myself, “Lift” is the greatest movie ever written. Perhaps I’m a little biased, considering that I wrote it. In fact, I’m definitely biased, but still, at the very least you’ll think it is damn good.

I travelled with “Lift” to the 2017 Capital Irish Film Festival, where I got to feel like a movie star for a weekend. My V.I.P. experience began on my flight from Ireland, where I had a middle row on the plane and as luck would have it nobody to share it with. Stretched out across four seats, I had more leg room than first class; things were off to a damn good start and they were only about to get better.

Picked up from the airport and brought to the spectacular venue of the AFI Silver Theatre, I met the delightful Pat Reilly and Mike Kerlin, who greeted me with a fine glass of red wine. The place was full of nothing but lovely people all there to promote and celebrate Irish film and all eager to talk about my film, which would be playing the next night. When that night came, I spent about twenty minutes outside trying to get the perfect selfie in front of my name in lights as it spun around the impressive canopy at the entrance of the AFI complex. With the best ever selfie secured and my ego at an all-time high, I bounced into the place as if my shoes were made out of springs.

It was our American premiere, so I was slightly anxious about how it would be received. I needn’t have been: Laughing, clapping, hooting, crying. There’s nothing quite like an American audience – they really let you know how they feel. And it made me feel, well, like I said – a movie star.

While mingling, everyone kept telling me, “Wait till you meet Paddy Meskell … Paddy this and Paddy that.” When I did meet him, the man didn’t disappoint one bit. Charismatic and friendly, not only did he give me just about the best introduction for the Q&A I could ask for, but he also made me feel extremely welcome, like we were old friends. But then, everyone did. From all the organisers and helpers of the sponsoring organization Solas Nua to the fine people who support them.

I didn’t want to leave my new friends, but I was Chicago-bound for “Lift’s” second American screening at the Chicago Irish Film Festival. Another great venue, great people, great Q&A. My head was spinning on the plane home. It was still spinning on my drive into work on the Tuesday. Right up until I noticed I was washing a filthy dirty generator in the pissings of rain. Ah shit. Back to reality. But the experience gave me a taste of something. Made me believe that following this dream of writing and making movies full time was inching ever closer. And that now, there was no way in hell I could ever give up on it.

It’s not an easy path, it must be a vocation. The lows can be tough, but the highs are fantastic. Spurred on from these highs my first novel “The Middle Place” has since secured a publishing deal with Mercier Press and will be out in the Spring.  Having “Lift” play in festivals such as The Capital Irish Film Festival, helped get it picked up by a leading distribution company Screen Media Films, and like I said, become available in the USA and Canada on a whole bunch of platforms including: Google Play, Amazon Prime, iTunes, AT&T, Comcast, FandangoNOW, iNDemand, Microsoft Store, Sling, Vubiquity, Vudu, Playstation and XBOX.  

But we’re not done with it. The hope for Lift now is to get it out to a wider audience through further networks, the more downloads it receives at this stage, the more likely that becomes. So do yourself a favour, you’ll love it, I promise. Okay, do me a favour. Pick out your preferred platform and check out the film. If it makes you feel something, then spread the word.

Being a movie star for a weekend was great, don’t get me wrong. But at the end of the day all that really matters is for people to see the film and enjoy it. That’s even better than getting the best ever selfie in front of my name in lights…As good as anyway.   


Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Lift-Gerard-McSorley/dp/B07JHXXQSC/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1540387269&sr=8-3&keywords=lift+movie&fbclid=IwAR1Gpie2w9CzAbru7rAj6baV9ptc9r_L5_UrVRPkI-mklmPWYcCSq9DYvnI

Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/movies/details/Lift?id=D1sGBDodBqY

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