From Declan Meade Publisher, The Stinging Fly, Dublin, March 2015:

Dear Reader, 

Our special ‘In the Wake of the Rising’ issue was published in Dublin last month to mark the centenary of Ireland’s Easter Rising in 1916. The full issue runs to 288 pages and contains contributions from 43 writers.

In his editorial to the issue, guest editor Sean O’Reilly writes:

‘The issue would open up an alternative space for writers to re-read and respond to the events of that Easter Monday, the background and the legacy, and to the Proclamation itself, a founding document of the Republic, outside of the official events and memorials planned by the government of the day… The writers were free to respond to this material in whatever way they wanted, in any shape or form.’

We are delighted that Solas Nua have given us the opportunity to share this selection of work from the issue. We hope you’ll enjoy it.


Catriona Crowe: How Do We Know What We Know?

 Elaine Feeney: Oak (Video)

 Julie Morrissy: i measc mo dhaoine

Lauren Lawler Grace: Gifford’s Wedding

Paul Lynch: The Rage of O’Malley

 Siobhan Campbell: The same people living in the same place

 Patrick Moran: Grip

Evelyn Conlon: 1916, you’re asking me?

Kevin Barry: Some Notes on Names and Deeds

 Colette Bryce: Dragon’s Teeth

Elaine Gaston:  After 1916

 Belinda McKeon:  MiseryLit

 Lia Mills:  It Could Be You

Another successful book day!

Solas Nua volunteers distributed 32 pages of poems, short stories and essays selected by the publisher Declan Meade for Washington readers from In the Wake of the Rising, a special issue published in Dublin to mark the centenary of Ireland's Easter Rising in 1916. We would like to thank our partners:  The Stinging Fly, Politics and Prose bookstores, Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library (Info Desk)  for making this event a success.

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