CIFF2024 - Shorts Program 1

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CIFF2024 - Shorts Program 1

Friday, March 1 • 11:20 AM • T2 • Approx. runtime: 90 min.

FAR AWAY key image

12-year-old Aoife learns to grow up fast after the death of her beloved Grandpy, as she tries to build ties with her emotionally detached father.

Credits: DIR Nathaniel McCullagh; SCR Zoe Lewis; PROD Maeve McLoughlin. Ireland, 2023, color, 15 min. NOT RATED.

HEADSPACE key image

As the tensions and frustrations of life in a community house start to close in on him, a young man with Down Syndrome realizes he may have to cross a line to end a nightly disturbance.

Credits: DIR/SCR Aisling Byrne; PROD Killian Coyle. Ireland, 2022, color, 16 min. NOT RATED.

Awards: Grand Prix Irish Short - Cork International Film Festival 2022

MAN OF ARRAN key image

In step with these times and in tune with his environment: MAN OF ARRAN is an homage to the craggy, rugged, wild Irish coastline and a love letter to humanity from a wise 82-year-old swimmer pushing himself to impossible lengths, in communion with nature and with compassion for the grief of a friend.

Credits: DIR/SCR/PROD Paul McCambridge. Ireland, 2023, color, 20 min. NOT RATED.

MAKING WAVES key image

Set against the breathtaking Co. Clare coastline, this heartfelt documentary explores the uncertainties and challenges of six LGBTQ+ community members in rural Ireland. The film navigates the emotional currents of rural loneliness, ongoing prejudices, and inequity in healthcare and support while celebrating the recent progress Ireland has made toward inclusivity and acceptance.

Credits: DIR, Shane O'Callaghan, Ireland, 2023, color, 11 min. NOT RATED.

MALCOLM key image

In the aftermath of an emotionally abusive relationship, a man seeks couples counseling with a sock puppet in place of his ex-boyfriend, Malcolm.

Credits: DIR Caleb J. Roberts; SCR Caleb J. Roberts; PROD Callum Harrison. Ireland, 2023, color, 11 min. NOT RATED.

UNHINGED key image

Following a recent sighting of her crush on a dating app, an overthinking millennial searches for reassurance that her feelings are reciprocated.

Credits: DIR Zoë Brennan-Whitmore; SCR Mary Kirwan; PROD Fiona Dwyer, Natalie Briton. Ireland, 2023, color, 16 min. NOT RATED.

Awards: Winner - Virgin Media Discovers Award

Funded by the Virgin Media Discovers scheme which is supported by Screen Ireland

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