CIFF2024 - Shorts Program 2

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CIFF2024 - Shorts Program 2

Saturday, March 2 • 10:00 AM • T2 • Approx. runtime: 90 min.

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After learning that class photo day is approaching, a young boy comes face to face with the manifestation of his insecurities in the form of a troll called Alan. 

Credits: DIR/SCR Jason Branagan; PROD Emer Durcan, Sam Atwell, Eimear O'Mahony. Ireland, 2023, color, 12 min. NOT RATED.


Deeply religious, when it suits her, widowed Brigid leads an unorthodox lifestyle and has a strained relationship with her daughter Anne. Adamant that her granddaughter Queenie must be baptized, Brigid decides to take matters into her own hands when she’s asked to babysit Queenie.

Credits: DIR/SCR Siún O Connor; PROD Maggie Ryan. Ireland, 2022, color, 14 min. NOT RATED.

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Sensitive, artistic Ryan; his little sister, Katie and their larger-than-life mother, Sue, are preparing to throw a wild and glamorous birthday party for Ryan’s 12th birthday. But is Mum's behavior just a normal part of the festivities or a sign of trouble to come? As the party wears on, Ryan must try to keep everything under control – and the real world at bay - even for just one more night.

Credits: DIR/SCR Nathan Fagan; DIR Luke Daly; PROD Seamus Waters. Ireland, 2023, color, 18 min. NOT RATED.

Awards: Audience Award Winner / Jury Special Acknowledgement - Dublin International Film Festival 2023, Iris Prize Finalist (Top Three Shortlist) - Iris Prize LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2023

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Scrumpy grapples with the impending arrival of his birthday, an annual milestone that casts a shadow over his spirits, as he navigates a whimsical yet tumultuous journey to reconcile his disdain for this cherished day of celebration.

Credits: DIR/SCR/PROD Dan Holmwood. Ireland, 2023, color, 9 min. NOT RATED.


Two mismatched Irish TV license inspectors are sent to a remote and lawless island for the first time in its history. Curtis is hugely proud of his new authoritative role as a TV license inspector but his world is turned upside down when he and his laissez-faire co-worker are sent to a remote lawless island full of tricksters.

Credits: DIR/PROD Shane Robinson; SCR/PROD Shannon Welby; PROD Bébhinn Naughton. Ireland, 2023, color, 18 min. NOT RATED.


Oscar®-winning filmmakers Tom Berkeley and Ross White (AN IRISH GOODBYE, inaugural winner of Norman Houston Short Film Award) follow their breakout Northern Irish black comedy with this atmospheric western. Having fled the Great Famine, two warring Irish sisters (Eileen Walsh and Aoife Duffin) seek their fortunes in the gold rush. But with winter fast approaching and nothing to show for their efforts, their age-old feud soon threatens to become deadly.

Credits: DIR/SCR/PROD Tom Berkeley, Ross White; PROD Jamie Tarr. Ireland/UK, 2023, color, 25 min. English and Welsh with English subtitles. NOT RATED.

Awards: Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film - Raindance Film Festival 2023, Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film - Aesthetica Film Festival 2023, Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film - Norwich Film Festival 2023

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