Shorts Program 2 • CIFF 2022

Shorts Program 2 - CIFF 2022

Sunday, March 6 • 1:15 PM

Total runtime: approx. 78 min

On a Joycean Odyssey across his home city, an old man reflects on what is and what ain't worth caring about as he contemplates his own demise. Featuring musicians Lucinda Williams, Joan Armatrading, Suzanne Vega and Nils Lofgren. 
Credits: DIR Colm Sexton. Ireland, 2021, color, 9 min. NOT RATED

Based on a true story, REAVEY BROTHERS is set on the nights leading up to January 4, 1976. The Reavey family live in a world torn by the atrocities of The Troubles and work tirelessly toward anti-violence. The film follows youngest brother Anthony, an aspiring footballer and writer, as he struggles to avoid the mayhem of bitter hatred and violence surrounding his family — until the conflict arrives on their doorstep. 
Credits: DIR John Reavey. Northern Ireland, 2021, color, 20 min. NOT RATED

A man recites a haiku, a poem and limerick that chronicle his journey of dealing with depression over the past 13 years. 
Credits: DIR Jonny Farrelly. Ireland, 2021, color, 7 min. NOT RATED

This supernatural animated tale begins in Dublin after the pubs close. While telling God what he really thinks of him, drunk and bereaved Ronan aggravates a bunch of púca (ghosts) who were having a few drinks in a nearby dimension. From that point on, they do what they can to lure him onto the Nightlink bus to the afterlife. 
Credits: DIR Aidan O'Sullivan. Ireland, 2021, color, 10 min. NOT RATED

In 1970s Northern Ireland, a young boy, bereft of his mother, defies his father to get the glam rock album he so desperately wants. RUTHLESS is a humorous, heartwarming story of how a prosthetic leg and a T. Rex album become the conduit for overcoming grief. 
Credits: DIR Matthew McGuigan. Northern Ireland, 2021, color, 13 min. NOT RATED

International ultra-runner and lawyer Dr. Sinead Kane is the first visually impaired athlete to complete seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. FORERUNNER follows Kane's extraordinary daily life as she examines her motivations and for the first time confronts the horrific bullying and hardships she experienced throughout her childhood.
Credits: DIR Kevin Bennett, Dave Thorpe. Ireland, 2021, color, 18 min. NOT RATED

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