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Wednesday March 17, 2021 • Solas Nua's Irish Book Day
Lá Fhéile Pádraig / St. Patrick's Day


Expanding on our long tradition of providing Washington D.C. with free Irish books on St. Patrick’s Day, this year Solas Nua is staying green and producing another digital offering - online and available anywhere in the world to view on-screen, print-at-home, or even kick back and listen to.

View Source is a unique online publication, curated by Fallow Media and commissioned by Solas Nua for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, celebrating contemporary Irish literature at its most adventurous. 

Working alongside six cutting-edge literary publications in Ireland today – The Stinging Fly, The Dublin Review, Gorse, Banshee, Winter Papers, and Fallow Media – View Source has invited writers and artists to reimagine stories, poems, and essays first made available in print. 

Taking advantage of the many possibilities of publishing on the internet, View Source presents each text in multiple ways, giving visitors the opportunity to choose how they want to experience each piece through unique on-screen design, creative audio, or a print-at-home publication. 

The temporary loss of bookstores and literary gatherings is just one of the many changes wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic. View Source uses this moment of confusion and crisis to ask what opportunities might lie hidden within our global shift to online spaces. By publishing this work digitally, contemporary Irish literature becomes accessible in new ways to new audiences, reaching people who might never otherwise have access to it. So what could a book, a journal, a story look like online? How might we use the specific strengths of the internet to expand the literary text and break down the borders between different media? Most importantly, how might readers discover new and meaningful connections to this work? 

View Source brings together the talents of many contemporary Irish writers and artists, including: Claire-Louise Bennett, Ruby Wallis, Doireann Ní Ghríofa, Colm O'Shea, Méabh de Brún, Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe, Michael Dooley, Maija Sofia, Tom Roseingrave, Vicky Langan and Louise Hegarty. Throughout the publication, the finest writing blends with inventive audio and visual work to create a truly special literary experience. 

Kindly supported by Dennis Houlihan and Mimi Conway.

About Fallow Media
With the belief that the internet offers us critical and conceptual approaches that remain largely unexplored in the worlds of literature, music and the arts, Fallow Media has become an alternative space for contemporary creativity in Ireland. Each project is a learning process, and an attempt to share work from across the artistic spectrum in a new way. The hope is not only to change the way people see this work, but also the way work is created in the first place.

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