Announcing the Solas Nua New Voices Award: A Solas Nua & Dublin Fringe Festival Partnership

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Announcing the Solas Nua New Voices Award: A Solas Nua & Dublin Fringe Festival Partnership

We are delighted to be announcing the Solas Nua New Voices Award, a new international partnership between Solas Nua and Dublin Fringe Festival. This new initiative will give one playwright in the festival the opportunity to have a reading of their play performed at Solas Nua in Washington.  It will be awarded to a writer with a singular voice who is making work that speaks to contemporary social, political or cultural issues. This award will facilitate a public play reading of the script by Solas Nua in Washington which will be coordinated in conversation with the playwright. The winner of this award will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 24th of September. 

Solas Nua’s Artistic Director of Theatre, Rex Daugherty, shares “I’m incredibly excited about this new partnership between Solas Nua and Dublin Fringe. I’ve been deeply impressed with the level of talent and energy from Dublin Fringe over the years, and after programming so many artists that I’ve met through the festival, it feels like a natural development to establish a pipeline between Dublin and DC. This award will not only showcase Irish writers to US audiences but will also provide an opportunity for Irish artists to share their global perspectives, ideas, and dreams. I look forward to celebrating and championing these artists and their work.”


David Francis Moore, Director of Dublin Fringe Festival shares, "Through the Solas Nua New Voices Award, we strive to celebrate and amplify the voices of Irish playwrights who fearlessly tackle the pressing issues of our time. This exciting international partnership with Solas Nua opens the doors for new possibilities and cross-cultural dialogues, bridging the gap between Dublin and Washington D.C. We believe that storytelling has the power to shape perspectives and bring about positive change, and we look forward to unearthing the extraordinary talent that will inspire audiences and artists on both sides of the Atlantic."



Dublin Fringe Festival is a curated, multidisciplinary arts festival and year-round artist support organisation. They seek out and present contemporary, playful and provocative new work made by Irish and international artists of vision in an annual celebration all of the city of Dublin. 

Dublin Fringe reflects the programming of Solas Nua’s contemporary Irish arts mission and exemplifies the breadth and diversity of talent across the island of Ireland.