Bigger. Bolder. 2022 Season announcement!

January - June 2022 Program Cover


I am delighted to launch the first half of Solas Nua’s 2022 program with
this beautiful new brochure, which highlights all of the multi-disciplinary
offerings that we have in store for you over the coming six months. It
is especially poignant for us to be able to do so, after some twenty-one
months of being apart and programming mostly online. Looking towards
2022, we are very committed to bringing the best of contemporary
Irish arts to Washington, D.C. and are deeply thankful to our valued
supporters. Your help goes directly into making our program happen, and
gives artists the time and support they need to make their work.

On the centenary of the publication of James Joyce’s great modernist
novel Ulysses, Solas Nua’s program will loosely reflect on some of the
work that was made in Ireland during the first decades of partition and
the profound influence that this work still has on contemporary Ireland
and the many artists that call Ireland home today. Our new tagline is
‘New Irish Arts’ and we are proud to share all that is inspiring about
contemporary, globally diverse Ireland – a culture and identity that is
shared across borders, ethnicity, and economic lines.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our partner venues in 2022!

Best Wishes,
Miranda Driscoll
Executive Director, Solas Nua

Maija Sofia photo Jilly McGrath
Nidhi Zak-Aria Eipe_photo credit-Gillian Hyland
Ye Vagabonds photo Myles O'Reilly
Maz & Bricks design Paige Hathaway.jpg
Teri Cross Davis
CIFF 2020