The Washington Post Loves Distillation

Distillation prod image-Luke behind peat

When the theater smells like an Irish bog

April 10, 2024--The Washington Post dives deep into Luke Casserly's unique sensory theatre production currently running through May 12th at Eaton DC. Commissioned and produced by Solas Nua in collaboration with Abbey Theatre, this one man performance is unlike anything else you might find in the city. The Washington Post describes Distillation as:

"not easy to pigeonhole. It’s part educational TED Talk, part community-building and part campfire story, during which Casserly speaks at times in the voice of the bog." 

Featuring a take-home keepsake in the form of bog-inspired perfume, which they go on to call: 

"a lovely, complex bouquet...evoking dark soil, smoke and flowers..."

Distillation prod image-round table from above
Distillation prod image-Luke in soil
Distillation prod image-Lukes hands in soil
Distillation prod image-round table

Distillation will run April 11 through May 12, on Thursdays through Sundays at Eaton DC, followed by a week at Round House Theatre in MD from Wednesday, May 15 through Sunday, May 19.

Read more about the show and book tickets here.


Distillation premiered as part of Dublin Theatre Festival 2023. A co-production by Solas Nua & Abbey Theatre, commissioned by Solas Nua. Supported by Goethe-Institut Irland, with additional development support by IMMA, Druid FUEL, Axis Ballymun, and Backstage Theatre’s Activate Residency programme. Developed through the support of an Arts Council Theatre Project Award.