Rabbi Doctor Silver (2022)

Caraid O’Brien
Caraid O’Brien

Rabbi Doctor Silver 

In collaboration with Theater J

By Sholem Asch
Translated by Caraid O’Brien
Directed by Rex Daugherty, Solas Nua Artistic Director

Sholem Asch’s fascinating Rabbi Doctor Silver gets its first-ever English translation by playwright Caraid O’Brien. The US is on the verge of depression, and women’s rights are still a contested issue. Into this milieu arrives a young rabbi ready to shake up what it means to build and grow a congregation in the ever-changing landscape of the American Midwest. What can a rabbi do to change the times while also changing with the times? Be a part of history as you listen to this play in English for the first time ever, written by the author of G-d of Vengeance and other Yiddish theater classics.