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December 11 Film Screening - rsvp below


 In conjunction with fair is foul & foul is fair, the Irish film Citizen Lane will be shown in the AU Museum. In Dublin in the early 20th century, Hugh Lane fights to establish a public modern art gallery to show the work of living artists until his untimely death on the Lusitania. Presented in partnership with Culture Ireland, the Irish Film Institute, and Solas Nua. Free and open to all, please RSVP here.


American University Museum, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20016



Previous popcorn events



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  • Thursday, June 6, 2019 6:00 PM Doors Open 6:30 PM Film Screening 7:30 PM Reception

  • Abramson Family Auditorium

  • 1307 L Street, NW  Washington, DC 20005

NYU Washington, DC and Solas Nua will co-host a screening of "Three Days in June" with a reception to follow the screening.

On the 75th anniversary of the epic D-Day landings, this documentary uncovers the incredible story of Ireland’s unknown but critical role in WWII and how – in the summer of 1944 - the timing of the D-Day landings came to hinge on readings taken by a 21-year-old girl in a tiny remote weather station on Europe’s most westerly headland.

For a few tense days in June 1944, the success of the greatest military invasion the world had ever seen depended on weather readings taken by Maureen Sweeney at the remote Blacksod weather station on Ireland’s west coast. “Three Days in June” includes a special interview with the now 96-year-old Maureen - providing a living link to a unique moment in history, when military might and meteorological analysis collided. Maureen’s data threw Eisenhower’s meticulously planned invasion strategy into chaos, forcing him to mediate between opposing US & UK weather advisors and Generals and ultimately leaving him alone to make one of the most difficult decisions in the entire war.

Completely unaware of the significance of her work– she was simply doing her job – Maureen’s readings were the first to point out an impending storm which led to the postponement of the invasion. Then in an impossibly dramatic twist her readings were first to pinpoint a short window of opportunity that Eisenhower needed to launch, thereby changing the path of the war.

Featuring contributions from Susan Eisenhower (granddaughter of the General), renowned historian Antony Beevor, D Day veteran Joe Cattini, a selection of military experts, meteorologists and archive footage this fascinating documentary paints an incredible picture of Ireland’s previously unknown role in one of the most pivotal events in world history.

Tickets are free but require a reservation

Tickets are free but require a reservation

 “Keepers of the Flame” Showing at NYU D.C. on May 6

NYU Washington, D.C., Solas Nua, and the Embassy of Ireland will co-host a screening of Keepers of the Flame followed by a discussion on the Irish Civil War with Timothy J. Meagher, Associate Professor of History, Archivist, Curator, American Catholic History Collections, Catholic University (retired), and Cóilín Parsons, Associate Professor, English, Co-Director, Global Irish Studies, Georgetown University, as part of Solas Nua’s Irish Popcorn! Film Series and the 7th annual European Month of Culture.

Keepers of the Flame, by acclaimed documentarian Nuala O’Connor, delves into the archives of the Irish Military Service Pensions and what emerges is a truly personal retelling of a brutal and divisive period in the birth of a nation and the devastating legacy it left in its wake, for the individuals who took part and their families who suffered long after the fighting ended.

More than 85,000 applied for the Irish Military Service Pension. Just over 18,000 received any payment.

Conceived by historian Diarmaid Ferriter, the film brings to light the diverse experiences of some of the 85,000 ordinary Irish men and women who made pension or dependents allowance claims for having actively served during the violent revolutionary period from Easter 1916 to the end of the Civil War in 1923. Their stories lie in the Irish Military Pension Archives, stack upon stack of applications detailing involvement and actions, thousands of different interpretations of the same events lying side by side.


Mary Black, Aiden Gillen, Joseph O’Connor and Olivia O’Leary are among those reading the contemporaneous transcripts. Colm Hogan’s cinematography makes the landscape another character.


This program is part of the 7th annual European Month of Culture.  Find more events at:

click the picture for more details!

click the picture for more details!

Solas Nua's Irish Pocorn! film series and NYU Washington, DC present, "Strange Occurrences in a Small Irish Village" by one of Ireland's top documentarians Aoife Kelleher ("One Million Dubliners").

In August, Pope Francis visits the Irish shrine in the small Irish village of Knock, where in 1879, fifteen people bore witness to an apparition of the Virgin Mary. The village, declared by the Catholic Church a Marian Shrine, today welcomes more than one million pilgrims annually. The film builds a vibrant portrait of the phenomenon through its devotees- invalids seeking cures; the eight sibling owners of rival religious merchandise shops; a woman relieved of multiple sclerosis during a 1970s pilgrimage; feisty Mildred, advocate for gender parity for the shrine's handmaids; Father Richard Gibbons, charismatic, outward-looking parish priest on a mission to entice new transatlantic visitors via Knock Airport. With its references to "the scandals", falling church attendances and the eighth amendment (abortion), the film presents a timely reflection on the position of the Church in modern Ireland.



A Holocaust Survivor is “Condemned to Remember” in Irish documentary.

Friday, October 5, 2018 at 6:30pm

Abramson Family Auditorium 1307 L Street, NW Washington, DC 20005

Solas Nua's Irish film series and NYU Washington, D.C., will present the U.S. premier of “Condemned to Remember” on October 5. In Emmy Award winning director Gerry Gregg’s third film about Irish Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental, the 83-year-old continues his mission to tell the world about what happened to him and his family in wartime Slovakia. In his journey across Europe, Reichental connects with Muslim refugees who have faced the kind of cruelty and persecution he remembers vividly from childhood. For Tomi, their fate and the rise of extreme nationalism all across Europe evokes echoes of the darkest days of his life under the jackboot of the Nazis and their collaborators.

Gerry Gregg, Tomi Reichental, and American Auschwitz Survivor Irene Weiss will join in a discussion after the film.

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Sat, Dec. 2, 6:00 p.m.*; Tue, Dec. 5, 7:20 p.m.

Special Film Presentation at the European Union Film Showcase

Co-presented by the American Film Institute and Solas Nua’s Capital Irish Film Festival

2018 Oscar Selection, Ireland

*Intro by Paddy Meskell, Solas Nua Chairman of the Board on Dec. 2

This poetic, hybrid exploration of the life of legendary sean nós singer Joe Heaney mixes narrative elements with performance footage that goes beyond the traditional music documentary and touches on Ireland's past and present. Filmed lovingly in black and white, the striking imagery of Connemara and Ireland's west coast, and the people of the land anchor this lyrical look at the life of Heaney, the master of sean nós (traditional, unaccompanied singing). The film also features performances from some of the most renowned sean nós singers of today and the artists inspired by Heaney's legacy.

DIR/SCR Pat Collins; SCR Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhride, Sharon Whooley; PROD Jessie Fisk, Alan Maher. Ireland/Canda, 2017, b&w, 104 min. In English and Irish with English subtitles. NOT RATED


For more information on the EU Film Showcase:


Emerald City

Sunday September 24th - 2pm

NYU in Washington, DC - 1307 L St NW

Click HERE for free tickets

Join NYU Washington, DC and Solas Nua for a screening of Emerald City, a film that explores the lives of immigrant Irish construction workers in New York City. The film will be followed by a Q&A session via Skype with Director Colin Broderick.

Emerald City is a movie about a hard living crew of Irish construction workers in New York City.  They are men in their late thirties/early forties who left Ireland in an era of closeted oppression and sectarian violence.  They have spent their adult lives self-medicating against a past that continues to haunt them. 

The men are hard working, hard partying, likable rogues who are faced with the wreckage of a life spent dodging adult responsibility.

93 min., Ireland, 2016

Irish Popcorn Film Series Presents: Sanctuary

Join NYU DC Dialogues and Solas Nua for a screening of the award-winning film Sanctuary by acclaimed Irish film director Len Collin.  This film, adapted from an Irish stage play, highlights the forces working against a couple with intellectual disabilities and is credited with overcoming Ireland's restrictive laws regarding prohibition of "handicapped" persons from renting hotel rooms unless married. 

Monday, July 17, 2017 | 7:00 PM
NYU Washington, DC - 1307 L Street, NW

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Larry and Sophie are in love. What could be more natural for them than to want to be alone, together? They bribe the feckless Tom to book them into a hotel for an afternoon’s tryst and look forward to getting to know each other, like countless couples before them. But Larry and Sophie aren’t any couple – they both have intellectual disabilities and Tom is their care worker. By attempting to be intimate, they aren’t just breaking the rules – they’re breaking the law.

While Larry and Sophie try to figure out their feelings, their future and how to use a condom, their friends from the training centre escape the not so watchful eye of Tom and go on a joyful rampage through Galway.  Both hilarious and heartbreaking, Sanctuary is a truly subversive piece of cinema about two young people trying to be together, in a world doing everything to keep them apart.

87 min., Ireland, 2016

Irish Popcorn Event: Broken Song

Tuesday, December 6th, 8 pm

Suns Cinema - Theater and Bar
3107 Mt. Pleasant Street NW

 GI, Costello and Willa Lee are street poets, hip-hop artists and songwriters from north Dublin. For these young men self-expression in the form of poetry, rap and song has become a spiritual experience. Their aim is simply to articulate the chaos that surrounds them and to fight it with their words and voices alone. Along the way it has become their identity, their religion and, as they claim themselves, they are its high priests.
Broken Song premiered at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival in 2013 where it won the Audience Award and the Dublin Critics Circle 'Discovery' Award.

Run time 70 minutes
View a short trailer

How to Get There: Columbia Heights Metro, Bus Routes 42, S2, S4, S9

Local Restaurants: Haydee's (Mexican), Marx Cafe (American), Dos Gringos (Everything),  Purple Patch (Filipino) plus lots more in the neighborhood!

August Irish Popcorn Event: The Yank

This summer film romp combines hops and heritage for some laugh-at-yourself hilarity. The journey begins in Cleveland, where Irish-American Tom Murphy gets himself kicked out of the U2 exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. When he is asked to be best man at his friend’s wedding in Ireland, he decides this is his chance to meet the Irish girl of his dreams (and his parents’). Problem is, Tom knows less about love than he does about Ireland. “The Yank” takes us through Cleveland, Ireland, pubs on both sides of the pond and some amazing performances by legends Fred Willard, Colm Meaney and Kevin P. Farley. Also starring Niki Spiridakos and, of course, Sean Lackey. Admission, as usual, is free.

Director/ screenwriter/actor Sean Lackey is also an accountant by day and improv-comic at night. Sean is owner and founder of Wet Ears Productions and co-founder of Post Industrial Pictures (PIP), both based in Cleveland, Ohio.  He owns Lackey & Company, CPAs. He has appeared in television and film commercials and is a member of SAG - AFTRA. Sean will join Irish Popcorn! on Skype to talk about film-making in Cleveland and Ireland.

The event will be held August 17th at 7pm at Kelly's Irish Times.  Check out our Calendar Page for the map of the location.  The film starts at 7pm, but please join us a little earlier for food and a pint!

So far this season:

Irish Popcorn kicked off the 2014 season with gritty feature King of the Travellers at Busboys and Poets. Next came family friendly shorts Anam an Amhráin at the Mount Pleasant Library. On March 31st we screened The Irish Pub at Busboys and Poets. We were delighted to be joined by Alex Fegan and Denis Dwyer, the filmmaker andproducer of The Irish Pub. They took part in a Q&A after the film. The screening was so popular we had to turn people away! In April we screened Silence (directed by Pat Collins) at Rírá. Our May movie was Death of a Superhero, the story of a terminally ill teenaged artist. In June we screened Hill Street a wonderful documentary about skateboarding in Ireland, we were pleased to be joined by the film's director J.J. Rolfe. In July we screened Belfast set punk rock feature Good Vibrations. In September we screened sci-fi comedy Earthbound.